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Legend widget

The Legend widget displays the legend of the map. What is included in the legend depends on which layers are currently visible in the map. Layers are made visible using the Layer List Widget.

Layer List

Layer List widget

The layer list widget provides you with a number of powerful tools to view layers of information in the map. This widget includes the standard set of layers provided by West Coast Aquatic, plus any that you have added to the map yourself using the Add Shapefile Widget or the Add more Marine Ecosystem layers widget.

Reset map to default

Clicking this link will undo any changes you’ve made to the map including:

  • the visibility of layers,
  • the extent of the map,
  • any new layers you’ve added, and
  • any drawings you’ve added.

Layer symbology

The symbol used in the map for a particular layer can be viewed by clicking the arrow to the left of the layer name in the layer list. The symbol, as it appears in the Legend, will be displayed beneath the layer name.

Layer symbology

Layer visibility

A tick in the checkbox beside a layer will make that layer visible in the map.

Layer visibility

Zoom to

Click the arrow to the right of the layer name to access a number of layer manipulation tools.

The ‘zoom to’ tool zooms the map to the extent of all the features in the layer.

'Zoom to' tool


The transparency tool allows you to make the layer more transparent, allowing you to see other information in the map that might be hidden underneath the layer’s features.

'Transparency' tool'

Disable Pop-up

When you click a feature in the map, a pop-up normally appears giving you information about it. Click the ‘Disable Pop-up’ tool to stop this from appearing.

This is useful when there are several features on the map from different layers on top of each other or close to each other, and you are only interested in the features from one of those layers. You can disable the pop-ups from any layers that you are not interested in from appearing.

'Disable pop-up' tool

Open Attribute Table

This tool will open the Attribute Table Widget and display it at the bottom of your browser, with the tab for that particular layer selected, providing information about features in the layer. For more information on the Attribute Table Widget, see the section below.

'Open Attribute table' tool

Attribute Table Widget

The attribute table widget allows you to view more information tied to a layer.

  • To turn on the attribute table, navigate to the layer of your choice and click the black arrow on the right side to open the drop-down menu (as shown in screenshot above). Click "Open Attribute Table".
  • To show or hide the attribute table, click the arrow docked at the bottom of the map (see below).
  • To exit the attribute table, click the "X" at the upper-right corner.
Arrow button to turn on attribute table

An open attribute table will look similar to the screenshot below.

View of an opened attribute table

Use the following tools to explore the attribute table:

  • Select a record—Clicking a record in the table selects it and highlights the corresponding feature in the map with the color specified in the Attribute Table widget configuration window. Double clicking any fields in the selected record will zoom to the feature on the map. Press the Shift or Ctrl key to select multiple records.
  • Clear selections—Clicking the Clear Selection button clears all selections.
  • Zoom to selected features—Clicking Zoom to resets the map extent to center around selected features.
  • Copy the field value—Double clicking the field value to highlight it, then right clicking it to copy the value.
  • Refresh—Clicking Refresh refreshes the tables.
  • Sort a field—Clicking a field heading sorts the records by this field.
  • Show or hide columns—Clicking the + icon on the right side of the Attribute Table panel opens the field visibility window. Check or uncheck the fields to set them to visible or invisible in the table.
  • Show/hide columns
  • Number of selected records—Shown on the lower left of the table.
  • Options are as follows:
    • Show Selected Records—Only displays selected records.
    • Show Related Records—Displays related records if a selected record has related table.
    • Filter--Allows to filter records in the table.
    • Filter by Map Extent—Only displays attributes for features within the current map extent.
    • Show or Hide Columns—Equivalent to clicking the + icon on the right side of the panel to set visibility for individual fields.
    • Export to CSV—Exports the attributes to a CSV file. If records are selected, only the selected records are exported. If no records are selected, all the records are exported. To support this function, the Export Data property must be enabled for the corresponding feature service.
  • Clicking a record in the table highlights associated feature on the map, and vice versa.

There are a number of maps available in the basemap gallery for you to choose from. When the web mapping application first launches, the Topographic basemap is displayed by default. Choose one of the other basemaps to switch it on instead.

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