Add Data

Add Shapefile

The ‘Add shapefile’ widget allows you to add your own map layers to the map, uploaded from shapefiles.

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Firstly create a zip file containing the shapefile that you wish to add to the map. This should include all the associated files, including the following.

  • .shp
  • .dbf
  • .shx
  • .prj

Click ‘Add File’ and browse to the location of your zip file.

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Click ‘Open’ to add it. After a few moments the new layer in the shapefile will be added to the map and the map will pan to its extent.

The new layer will appear in the map’s layer list and can be manipulated with the Layer List widget. It will also be included in the Legend.

This new layer will only be visible to the you — the user who uploaded the shapefile. Please note that your new layer will only persist as long as your current browsing session and will not be cached for future use. If you close your browser window and wish to view your custom shapefile layer again, you'll need to upload your zipped shapefile once more through the "Add Shapefile" widget.